Frequently Asked Questions

What is a charter school?
Charter schools are innovative tuition-free public schools of choice designed to deliver programs tailored to the needs of the communities they serve, and held accountable for student results.  Most charter schools in Texas are funded directly by the state on a per-student basis.

How are charter schools different from traditional public schools?
Charter schools are independently-operated public schools with unique educational programs that provide additional choices for parents within the public education system.  Parents and students can choose to attend charter schools if they feel the school is a good fit for their educational needs.   

How are students selected for admission to the school?
All students eligible to attend public school within our Primary Geographic Boundary (McKinney ISD, Frisco ISD, Allen ISD, Melissa ISD, Celina ISD, Prosper ISD, Princeton ISD, and Lovejoy ISD) may apply to be admitted to the school between November 1st and March 1st of each year. Application forms are available on our website.  By March 1st, if we receive more applications than we have space available for at any grade level, all applicants for each oversubscribed grade level will be entered into a random lottery process to determine admission.  Students must be 5 years old by September 1st in order to be admitted to Kindergarten.  Students with a documented history of any criminal offense, juvenile court adjudication, or disciplinary problems under TEC Chapter 37, Subchapter A, resulting in suspension, expulsion, or removal to an alternative education program will not be admitted to the school, per the school's charter with the state of Texas.

How many students are served in each grade?
Approximately 100 students per grade level.

Will siblings receive preferential admission?
Once a student is admitted to the school, his/her siblings will be placed on a sibling waiting list for admission to the school, if there is space available.

What if I live in the Transfer Boundary?
All students eligible to attend public school within our Transfer Boundary may apply to be admitted to the school after the application period for students within our Primary Geographic Boundary has ended.  If there is available space at any grade level after March 1st of each year, we will accept students from our Transfer Boundary on a first-come first-served basis until each grade level is full.  Our Transfer Boundary includes Plano ISD, Little Elm ISD, Wylie ISD, Anna ISD, Richardson ISD, Garland ISD, Aubrey ISD, Farmersville ISD, Carrollton-Farmers Branch ISD, Community ISD, Gunter ISD, Lake Dallas ISD, Blue Ridge ISD, Rockwall ISD, Pilot Point ISD, Denton ISD, and Lewisville ISD, and Van Alstyne ISD.

How does the lottery process work?
Names are drawn for placement on a waiting list through a random lottery process for each grade level.  As openings become available in each grade level, we contact families in order of the names drawn.  If a student that has been admitted to the school cannot attend for any reason, we will contact the next student in line from the waiting list until each student spot has been filled. 

When does the lottery take place?
The lottery to determine waiting lists for each grade will take place within fifteen days after the admissions application period has ended.

What are your class sizes? 
Approximately 25 students per class (~20 students per class in Kindergarten).

Are your teachers state-certified?
All teachers are highly qualified, which includes state-certified teachers.

Do students have to take state testing?
Yes, as a public charter school, all students will have to participate in the annual state-mandated STAAR examinations. 

What additional standardized testing is given?
We utilize the computer-adaptive STAR Renaissance assessment, which is administered three times a year to help us evaluate student progress. 

Do you provide special education services?
Yes, we provide Special Education, 504, and Dyslexia services to our students.

Is a separate program offered for students identified as Gifted/Talented?
As our school implements an internationally-recognized program of education frequently used to serve the needs of G/T students, we do not offer a separate program for students identified as gifted/talented, since the instructional strategies and methods used are considered to be best practices in education.  

How long does it take for a school to become authorized for the internationally-recognized program you plan to offer?
Our school is fully authorized for all three International Baccalaureate programmes: the Primary Years Programme for students in grades K-5, the Middle Years Programme for students in grades 6-10, and the Diploma Programme for students in grades 11-12.

What subjects are offered as part of the school curriculum for the Primary Years (Grades K-5)?
In grades K-5, students receive instruction in Language A (English), Language B (Spanish), Mathematics, Science, Social Studies, Arts, and Personal/Social/Physical Education.

What subjects are offered as part of the school curriculum for the Middle Years (Grades 6-10)?
In grades 6-10, students receive instruction in Language A (English), Language B (Spanish), Humanities, Sciences, Mathematics, Arts, Physical Education, and Technology.

What subjects are offered as part of the school curriculum for the Diploma (Grades 11-12)?
In addition to completing state requirements for graduation, students in grades 11-12 study six courses.  One subject must be chosen from each of groups 1-5 (Language A-English, Language B-Spanish, Social Studies, Experimental Sciences, Mathematics) and a sixth subject may be from group 6 (Arts) or a second subject from groups 1-5. 

What foreign language do you offer and in which grades?
Spanish is offered beginning in Kindergarten.

What kind of athletic opportunities are available?
PE is part of the school curriculum.  Specific athletic programs such as basketball, volleyball, cross country, etc… are offered after school on a fee basis, subject to student interest. 

What can students expect from the school with regards to student behavior?
The school has a strict Code of Conduct, and students violating the Code of Conduct will be subject to suspension and/or expulsion.  As a school of choice, students should choose to come prepared daily to participate respectfully in an environment with high expectations of them.  Additionally, students can expect to receive progressively challenging coursework, and to graduate from high school functioning at the level of an introductory college student.  This requires a strong commitment to academics on the part of each student, including:

  • a willingness to work hard and develop personal study habits, such as self-discipline, time management, and self-motivation
  • being challenged by teachers to think critically and develop inquiry skills
  • a commitment to learning and participating in an environment with high behavioral expectations
  • being able to cope with several academically rigorous classes at the high school level
  • an interest in becoming fluent in a second language
  • an international outlook with genuine concern for others

Does the school provide transportation?
No, we do not provide transportation to the school.