School Nutrition


Our school participates in the National School Breakfast & Lunch Program, and Twelve Oaks Catering is our school lunch provider.  Free or Reduced Price breakfasts and lunches are available to those students who qualify.  We do not serve pork as part of our meals.  For questions about our school nutrition program, please contact Jaime Cooper, Child Nutrition Director, at

Set up your online lunch account at  You can add money online to your child's account, as well as view balances and payments online.  Cash or checks made payable to "IIA-NT" will also be accepted.  
Instructions on how to set up your account >>    |    View an instructional video on how to set up your account >>

Negative Lunch Balances:  If a student’s school lunch account has reached a negative balance, the student will be given a reminder note from the cafeteria cashier to inform parents.  Emails will also be sent to parents on a weekly basis until the account is paid. Students with negative balances will be served a regular school meal for up to a balance of -$10.00 per child or -$15.00 per family, after which an alternative meal (a side, fruit, vegetable, and milk) will be provided and charged at $1.00 per meal.  Students with a zero or negative account balance may not purchase a la carte items.  Meal charging will not be available after May 16th of each school year.  

Granola bar + fruit + cheese and/or milk: $2.00
Additional item: $1.00
Reduced (for qualifying students): $0.30
Adults: $2.40

Entree + sides: $3.60
Additional entree: $3.00
Additional side item: $1.00
Reduced (for qualifying students):  $0.40
Adults: $4.25

Lunch A La Carte Items:
Deli sandwiches (turkeyham/turkey/chicken salad): $2.50
Fruit salad: $2.50
Baked potato: $2.50
Veggie tray: $2.50
Cheese tray: $2.50

Lunch Beverages
Milk: $0.50
Bottled water: $0.50

Wellness Policy >>